Working together

At Jane Hawkins Design we wish to work flexibly and with complete transparency with our clients to ensure that you get exactly the results you wish, on time and within budget. To help us to work successfully together, we present our normal methods of working and terms and conditions. Please read them carefully and if you have any concerns discuss them with us before work commences.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation allows us to get to know each other and fully understand your individual  requirements including your budget. We will explain what you can expect from us, how we normally work, the timeframes and our methods of charging.

We will show you examples of previous designs, photographs of how they were delivered and client references so that you can decide whether we are the right designers for you.

The Initial Consultation is without obligation or charge and will typically last between one and two hours. Hopefully at the end of this meeting, you will ask Jane Hawkins Design to work with you on your project.

Design Phase

The Design Phase is where we work with you to complete the final design for your project. During this phase we will hold one or more meetings with you, depending on the size and complexity of the project. We will then produce for you a design presentation board to allow you to see in as much detail as possible how your design will look in real life. The presentation board/Mood Board  will usually include drawings, imagery and product samples such as paint, wallpaper, fabrics, tiles, etc.

We believe that client choice is essential and therefore we offer two ways of paying for the Design Phase.

Some clients prefer a fixed price and we are always prepared to offer a fixed price after the initial consultation. Obviously the quoted price will vary with complexity but the only additional charges that would apply would be if you change your requirements and in that case there may be an additional cost charged at £29.50 ph. For fixed price quotations we require a 50% payment on contract and the balance on presentation of the presentation board.

Other clients prefer the flexibility of an hourly charge and in this case our standard charge is £29.50 ph. If required we can provide timesheets showing the time spent. Depending on the size of the project, a deposit would be expected on commencement and then invoices will be submitted every two weeks for work completed.

Delivery Phase

Once the design has been agreed, it is time to turn the design into reality. Some clients choose to carry out the delivery phase themselves, ordering materials, receiving quotes, obtaining their preferred subcontractors or perhaps even carrying out the work themselves.

Most clients, however, require more support and Jane Hawkins Design  promise tailored support as necessary. Typically there are four key levels of support and clients are helped to select the most appropriate level.


Level 1 - Obtaining Suppliers and Estimates

To obtain competitive quotations including site visits from contractors such as builders, decorators, plumbers, electricians,  for fixtures, fittings,wallpaper, flooring, paints, soft furnishings, etc. and building this into a completely priced budget,   this will be charged at £29.50 ph and an invoice will be submitted on delivery of the budget.

Level 2 - Supply of Materials

Arranging for the supply  and delivery  of materials specified in the design to site will be charged at 10% of the total cost of the goods. Because of supplier terms, it is necessary for Jane Hawkins Design to be paid in full before the goods can be ordered.

Level 3 – Complete Project Management

Jane Hawkins Design is often charged with the full Project Management of projects from the design process to the successful sign off of a completed project by the client. Not only will this include the Level 1 and Level 2 services described above but will also include the co-ordination and management of all contractors and suppliers to the project ensuring that the project is completed on time and with “nothing falling between the gaps” The charge for the Complete Project Management Service will be 15% of the total build/project cost. All supplies will require payment before ordering and 50% of Project Management fee will be payable on instruction, followed by fortnightly invoices for work completed

.Level 4 – Curtains and Soft Furnishing Jane Hawkins Design has specialist capabilities to produce bespoke curtains and all soft furnishings. A printed price list is available on request.

The Small Print

1.      If Services 1, 2 or 3 are used Jane Hawkins Design undertakes to pass on to the client any discounts or commissions received from suppliers or subcontractors. These amounts will be offset against client invoices

2.      Change Management and amendments to the design after client sign off could result in additional costs. Jane Hawkins Design will undertake to keep these costs to a minimum but will not action the change without client sign off of the additional costs.

3.      As a small company, Jane Hawkins design is not VAT registered and this may provide a substantial saving to private clients.

4.     All invoices are due for payment 14 days after delivery. In the event of non payment on time, discussions will take place with the client and potentially work will cease. Non payment after 30 days will result in a 5% surcharge per 30 days unpaid.